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‘Bibi’ film poster.
This film explores intersectionality in a powerful way, illustrating the beauty and conflict that can arise as we move between languages, places and societal expectations. (Available for streaming only)

An Outrage

Cover of 'An Outrage: A Documentary Film About Lynching in the American South.'
This film takes viewers to the very communities where heinous acts of violence took place, offering a painful look back at lives lost to lynching and a critical look forward. (Available for streaming only)

Viva La Causa

Cover for 'Viva La Causa,' the story of Cesar Chavez and a great movement for social justice.
Viva La Causa focuses on one of the seminal events in the march for human rights - the grape strike and boycott led by César Chávez and Dolores Huerta. (Available for order)

Selma | The Bridge to the Ballot

Cover of 'Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot,' a Teaching Tolerance film.
The film tells the story of a courageous group of students and teachers who, along with other activists, fought a nonviolent battle to win voting rights for African Americans in the South. (Available for order)

One Survivor Remembers

Cover for the film 'One Survivor Remembers,' a film focused on Gerda Weissmann, a holocaust survivor.
This Oscar-winning documentary presents Gerda Weissmann Klein’s account of surviving the Holocaust as a child. (Available for streaming only)

Mighty Times | The Children's March

Cover of 'Mighty Times | The Children's March.'
This special teachers' edition of the Oscar-winning documentary film tells the heroic story of the young people in Birmingham, Alabama, who brought segregation to its knees. (Available for order)
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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