About Learning for Justice
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Learning for Justice is a community education program of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that cultivates and nurtures dialogue, learning, reflection and action from those most proximate to and impacted by injustices in the South. 

The program seeks to uphold the mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center: to be a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance the human rights of all people. Learning for Justice centers learning to inform action for liberation and justice.

The political backlash to the ongoing movement for racial justice and equity in the United States has led to anti-inclusive laws, incubated in the South and becoming widespread in multiple state legislations, boards of education, and local school districts. This current anti-inclusive agenda limits the opportunity for discourse around the realities of Black and Brown children, their families and communities. Learning for Justice will complement the SPLC’s work for justice to counter these attempts to minimize the learning of Black and Brown children and the significance of their communities as sites for learning.