Student Tasks

Assess your students with performance tasks and rubrics that measure writing, civic engagement and critical literacy skills. Write to the Source tasks allow students to demonstrate their argumentative, explanatory and narrative writing skills by responding to customizable prompts. Do Something tasks empower students to take action in their school and community.

“I like the fact that [the tasks] encouraged creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and awareness from the students. I like encouraging my students to be active, whether it's on the school level or on the global level.”

A young person plants a tree.

Do Something

Grade Level
Do Something performance tasks ask students to demonstrate their anti-bias awareness and civic competency by applying their literacy and social justice knowledge in an authentic real-world context.
A girl writes in her notebook.

Write to the Source

Grade Level
Write to the Source performance tasks and rubrics ask students to rely on textual evidence when responding to writing prompts about identity, diversity, justice and action.
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