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A Quick Reference Guide to Teaching Hard History

Cover of "A Quick Reference Guide to Teaching Hard History."
LFJ's framework for teaching about American slavery can be used to supplement current curriculum or to guide the creation of new curriculum that more honestly and courageously tells the story of American slavery.

Hate at School Report

Cover of 'Hate at School' report, featuring a collage of distressed and angry young people.
We surveyed thousands of educators and the picture that emerges is the opposite of what schools should be. Our report details the scope of the problem and what you can do to help.

Reading for Social Justice

Cover of 'Reading for Social Justice: A Guide for Families and Educators.'
Reading groups that bring students, educators and families together benefit everyone. This guide offers step-by-step instructions for planning reading groups that include and empower the entire community.

Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students

Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students: A Teaching Tolerance Guide
With this guide, we hope to help teachers and school leaders make curriculum and policy decisions that include LGBTQ students and prepare all students to thrive in a diverse democracy.

Teaching Tolerance in Higher Education

Teaching Tolerance in Higher Education: Case Studies of Teacher Preparation Programs cover
This study presents the findings of 13 case studies and interviews with university faculty demonstrating how TT resources can be incorporated into existing coursework across the teacher education curriculum.

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

Famous white and African-American figures from U.S. history.
This report summarizes research conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2017 on the state of teaching about American slavery in K-12 schools.

Teaching American Slavery Through Inquiry

An illustrated image of Sojourner Truth and an unknown enslaved man
The report explores how A Framework for Teaching American Slavery can be implemented using the inquiry model outlined in The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

Learning the Landscape of Digital Literacy

Learning the Landscape of Digital Literacy Publication Cover | Teaching Tolerance
The internet and digital technology have not only changed our day-to-day lives—they have changed the boundaries of education. Most educators embrace the opportunities (and responsibilities) presented by new media and...

Serving ELL Students and Families

Teaching Tolerance Best Practices for Serving English Language Learners and Their Families
This guide can help staff move the entire school toward a comprehensive and culturally responsive approach to serving English Language Learners and their families.

After Election Day, The Trump Effect

Trump Effect cover, Donald Trump Speaking
Following our survey about how the 2016 presidential campaign affected schools, we conducted a second survey, this one just after the November election. This report summarizes the responses of more than 10,000 educators.

The Trump Effect | Spring 2016

Donald Trump speaking
During the 2016 election season, TT heard from many educators that the campaign was having a negative effect on schools. These anecdotes led us to conduct a formal survey of educators. This report summarizes the results.

Reading Diversity

Reading Diversity v2 Publication Cover | Teaching Tolerance
Including diverse voices is a priority in K–12 classrooms. Learning for Justice offers a unique model to make it easier: Reading Diversity.

Beyond the Bus

Beyond the Bus Cover Image, Rosa Parks
Beyond the Bus helps educators to recognize and fill instructional gaps when teaching about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Go beyond the typical Rosa Parks narrative with this guide.

Let's Talk!

Cover of "Let's Talk! Facilitating Critical Conversations with Students."
This resource is for educators working to build their own competency facilitating classroom conversations about critical topics like identity, discrimination and inequality.

20 Face to Face Advisories

20 Face to Face Advisories Cover
Learning for Justice is proud to partner with The Origins Program to present 20 advisory activities selected from Face to Face Advisories: Bridging Cultural Gaps in Grades 5-9.

Civil Rights Done Right

Civil Rights Done Right cover image- purple
Civil Rights Done Right includes five steps for building robust, meaningful lessons that cultivate a deeper understanding of civil rights history.

Teaching 'The New Jim Crow'

Teaching the New Jim Crow v2 Publication Cover | Teaching Tolerance
A teacher’s guide for The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, a groundbreaking book by Michelle Alexander.

Social Justice Standards

Cover of 'Social Justice Standards" The Learning for Justice Anti-bias Framework'.
The Social Justice Standards—organized into the domains Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action—provide a road map for anti-bias education at every grade level.

The March Continues

Teaching the Movement | The March Continues Publication v2 Cover | Teaching Tolerance
This publication provides a set of principles for educators who want to improve upon the simplified King-and-Parks-centered narrative many state standards offer.

Teaching the Movement | 2014

Teaching the Movement 2014 Publication v2 Cover | Teaching Tolerance
This resource offers an in-depth look at state standards for instructional coverage of the civil rights movement and includes suggestions for how to improve them.

Critical Practices for Anti-bias Education

Critical Practices cover image
Critical Practices offers a set of strategies for accomplishing academic and social emotional goals side by side.

What is the Truth About American Muslims?

What Is the Truth About American Muslims cover image
This publication from the Interfaith Alliance and Religious Freedom Project of the First Amendment Center provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about religious freedom and American Muslims.

Responding to Hate and Bias at School

Responding to Hate and Bias Cover Image, students walking in hallway
Find suggestions for preventing and navigating a bias- or hate-related crisis in our guide. It is designed primarily for school administrators, but teachers, staff, counselors and students also may find guidance here.

Civil Rights Activity Book

Civil Rights Activity Book Cover, civil rights photo collage
The Civil Rights Activity Book uses puzzles, songs and photos to teach children about martyrs and events of the civil rights movement. Provided here courtesy of the Civil Rights Memorial Center.

Speak Up at School

Speak Up at School Cover Image, students working at table
This guide offers advice to adults about how to respond to biased remarks and the use of stereotypes, and how to teach students to speak up as well.

Teaching the Movement | 2012

Teaching the Movement 2012 Publication v2 Cover | Teaching Tolerance
Teaching the Movement: The State Standards We Deserve identifies best practices and puts forth models for school social studies and history standards.

Teaching the Movement | 2011

Teaching the Movement 2011 Publication v2 Cover | Teaching Tolerance
This publication identifies best practices and puts forth models for school social studies and history standards.

Explore the History of ‘Loving’

The Loving Story Publication v2 Cover | Teaching Tolerance
Learning for Justice produced this interdisciplinary teacher’s guide for The Loving Story, a documentary film about a couple’s fight to end the ban on interracial marriage.

Writing for Change

Writing for Change Publication v2 Cover | Teaching Tolerance
This guide offers more than 50 free, downloadable activities for personal or instructional use. The activities are geared toward raising awareness of difference, power and discrimination.

Civil Discourse in the Classroom

Civil Discourse in the Classroom Publication Cover | Teaching Tolerance
These tools lay the groundwork for productive, reasoned and lively discussions on a variety of topics. They also will give students “training wheels” for learning how to have reasoned arguments outside the classroom.

Beyond the Golden Rule

Beyond the Golden Rule cover image, four children looking upward
Beyond the Golden Rule: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice offers practical advice about the challenges and rewards of parenting in today's diverse world.

Speak Up!

Speak Up Cover, woman's face
A collection of real-life stories, gathered by the Southern Poverty Law Center, on how people across the United States spoke up against everyday bigotry.
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