Film Kits

Bring social justice topics to life with our classroom-friendly films, with user guides and lessons. Learning for Justice film kits are available FREE for use in K12 schools, schools of education, public libraries, houses of worship, and youth-serving nonprofit organizations. All film kits are available for online streaming only. Click on each of the films below to stream online and to download guides and lessons.


‘Bibi’ film poster.
This film explores intersectionality in a powerful way, illustrating the beauty and conflict that can arise as we move between languages, places and societal expectations. (Available for streaming only)

An Outrage

Cover of 'An Outrage: A Documentary Film About Lynching in the American South.'
This film takes viewers to the very communities where heinous acts of violence took place, offering a painful look back at lives lost to lynching and a critical look forward. (Available for streaming only)

One Survivor Remembers

Cover for the film 'One Survivor Remembers,' a film focused on Gerda Weissmann, a holocaust survivor.
This Oscar-winning documentary presents Gerda Weissmann Klein’s account of surviving the Holocaust as a child. (Available for streaming only)