Guidelines for Using and Reprinting LFJ Resources

Learning for Justice (LFJ), a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), is excited to be able to provide free resources for use by individuals and communities. We hope our resources will be used widely to help create positive change. In service of this goal, all LFJ copyrighted resources located at can be downloaded for free, copied and used for educational purposes.

All those wishing to use LFJ resources are asked to carefully read and follow the guidelines stated in the two sections of this document. Section 1 outlines guidelines that must be followed when an individual or organization plans to use LFJ resources or LFJ content as part of their work in creating change. Section 2 outlines guidelines that must be followed to reprint any LFJ resource.

These guidelines are in place to:

  • ensure the spirit in which LFJ resources are created is honored;
  • clarify that neither you nor your organization are affiliated with or endorsed by LFJ or the SPLC;
  • clarify that neither LFJ nor the SPLC is providing any services;
  • ensure everyone knows that LFJ resources are available for free at

Section 1: Guidelines for Using LFJ Resources

Any organization or individual that uses any Learning for Justice resource, or content from an LFJ resource, during any provided service (such as professional development or coaching) or any event, meeting or training is expected to adhere to the following five guidelines.

Guideline 1: LFJ Content Usage

  • The content in the LFJ resource(s):
    • cannot be modified, adapted or edited;
    • must be clearly identified by its title and copyright.

Guideline 2: Disclaimer Paragraph

  • The following paragraph must be used when promoting or advertising any service/event/meeting/training that will use an LFJ resource(s) or any LFJ content.
    • [organization/individual’s name] is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Learning for Justice, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Neither Learning for Justice nor the Southern Poverty Law Center is providing any services. Any Learning for Justice resource(s) referenced or provided can be accessed for free at
  • The paragraph above must be used in the following ways.
    • It must appear in front of any paywall, meaning no one should be required to pay or register to access or see this sentence. An acceptable use includes placing this sentence on a registration page for a webinar/training or in a description for a service/product that is using an LFJ resource or LFJ content.
    • It must be included in all communications, such as emails, and on all webpages highlighting the service/event/meeting/training where the LFJ resource(s) or LFJ content will be used.
    • It must be either verbally reiterated or provided in print to all participants during the actual service/event/meeting/training that is using an LFJ resource(s) or LFJ content.

Guideline 3: Title of Event or Training

  • The title of any service/event/meeting/training or product cannot be the title of the LFJ resource that is being used. For example, a webinar using the LFJ resource Speak Up at School cannot be titled “Speak Up at School.”  In this case, the title of the webinar must be significantly different from “Speak Up at School,” and any messaging, such as emails or webpages, about the webinar must clearly display the disclaimer paragraph detailed above in Guideline 2.

Guideline 4: LFJ and SPLC Logo Usage

  • The Learning for Justice or Southern Poverty Law Center logos cannot be used except when being listed as part of a client or partner list. In this case, the SPLC must have had a past contract or formally signed memorandum of understanding fulfilled by the stated organization or individual claiming a client or partner relationship.

Guideline 5: Quote or Endorsement

  • No quote or endorsement attributed to LFJ or the SPLC can be used without written permission from the LFJ director.

Section 2: Guidelines for Reprinting LFJ Resources

Anyone wishing to reprint, in whole or in part, an LFJ resource for use online or in print must complete this “Permission Request Form” and be granted permission before doing so.

Reprints are generally granted as long as the following five guidelines are followed.

  1. The content cannot be modified.
  2. The title and author of the original must be clearly cited.
  3. No artwork or photographs may be republished, including the Learning for Justice logo.
  4. The following credit statement must be included at the bottom of the page:
    • “Reprinted with permission of Learning for Justice, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. [please include a link to the original here]”
  5. Our acceptance of permission requests does not constitute endorsement or partnership.

LFJ reserves the right to revoke permission to use any LFJ resource if any of the above guidelines are not followed.