Advisory Board

The Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board is a national group of anti-bias educators who help Teaching Tolerance stay rooted in the real experiences and diverse perspectives of school communities across the country. Members of the Advisory Board are not simply devoted to social justice; they teach, counsel and care for K–12 students in schools across the country every day. They give us feedback on new resources by sharing their expertise and practice, and help program staff anticipate important trends and changes in the field. As members of this select group of educators, Advisors grow professionally by networking with Board colleagues, by participating in the development of new projects and through their role as ambassadors for the Teaching Tolerance mission. Each Advisory Board serves for a two-year term; the current term ends in 2021, when we’ll accept applications for a new board.

As we engage in this important work, let's keep our students close in mind. They are the ones we serve.


Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board Meeting 17

Alice Mitchell Fifth-grade teacher | Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Alicia Oglesby High school counselor | Forestville, Maryland

Amy Melik K–12 ELL coordinator and teacher | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Angela Hartman Secondary school librarian | Hutto, Texas

Averill Kelley High school history teacher | Las Vega, Nevada

Barbie Garayúa-Tudryn Elementary school counselor | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Bria Wright Fifth-grade teacher | Cary, North Carolina

Celeste Payne High school science teacher | West Chester, Pennsylvania

Frances Weaver Middle school social studies teacher | Narberth, Pennsylvania

Geneviève DeBose Akinnagbe Middle school literacy coach | Los Angeles, California

Hayley Breden High school social studies teacher | Denver, Colorado

Henry Cody Miller Assistant professor | Brockport, New York

Jamilah Pitts High school administrator | New York, New York

Julie Bradley Middle school ELL teacher | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kari Deswood Teacher education and ALP coordinator/assistant professor | Farmington, New Mexico

Kevin Cordi Assistant professor of education | Ada, Ohio 

Kim Estelle Sixth-grade teacher | Huntsville, Alabama

Kinette Richards Middle school psychologist | Aurora, Colorado

Kishanna Harley High school librarian | Washington, D.C.

Lhisa Almashy Cultural competency, equity and access program planner | Palm Beach County, Florida

Marian Dingle Elementary school teacher 

Maribel Gonzales Sixth-grade social studies teacher | San Antonio, Texas

Marvin Reed Third-grade teacher | Berkeley, California

Matilda Morrison Kindergarten teacher | Ventura, California

Michelle Higgins High school social studies teacher | Walla Walla, Washington

Natalie Pough Visiting assistant professor | Indianapolis, Indiana

Sonal Patel School district administrator | San Leandro, California

Stephanie Jones Assistant professor | Grinnell, Iowa

Toni Rose Deanon Sixth-grade English teacher | Washington, D.C.

Tracy Castro-Gill School district administrator | Seattle, Washington

Veronica Menefee Special education teacher and consultant | Nottingham, Maryland

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