I See You, You See Me: Body Image and Social Justice

This series help students think about their bodies and body images in a social justice context. Each lesson looks at a different aspect of the relationship children have with their bodies. The series helps students take ownership over their own feelings and attitudes and develop an activist stance in terms of understanding body image and also looking after their own physical and emotional wellbeing.
Grade Level

What Is Body Image?
Students define the concept of body image and consider who and what influences the way they think about their bodies.

Our Bodies and the Media
Students discuss the ways the media influences their body image as well as their capacity to care for their bodies properly.

Different Images of Beauty
Students explore the influences of culture, age, gender and history on how body image develops and begin to understand body image as a social construction.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Body Image
Students develop strategies for moving toward acceptance of themselves and others and think about ways they can make choices that help maintain healthy bodies and healthy body images.