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Write to the Source
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This prompt asks students to compare two texts, arguing whether the texts are more similar than different or more different than similar. 

Follow these steps to customize this argument/comparison task:
  1. Review the steps in the handout "Plan for Write to the Source."
  2. Review the sample task and then fill in the task template fields below the sample task.
  3. Review the handout "Argument Writing Rubric." Adapt as necessary.

Sample Task 

Essential Question: What strengths lie in diversity?
Suggested Writing Product: Complete a Venn diagram showing what the arguments/opinions of the authors do and don’t have in common. Use the Venn diagram to help you write a comparative paragraph defending your opinion about whether the authors’ positions are more similar than different or more different than similar.
Additional Task Demand: Give your comparison meaning by using at least one quote from each text to support what you are saying about it.
Task Template

For planning purposes, use these fields to customize your student's work. 

Additional task demands
Add to an Existing Learning Plan
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