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From film kits and lesson plans to the building blocks of a customized Learning Plan—texts, student tasks and teaching strategies—our resources will help you bring relevance, rigor and social emotional learning into your classroom—all for FREE.

Not sure where to begin? Get to know our Social Justice Standards, anchor standards and age-appropriate learning outcomes divided into four domains—Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action. The Standards provide a common language and a road map for anti-bias education at every grade level.




These robust, ready-to-use classroom lessons offer breadth and depth, spanning essential social justice topics and reinforcing critical social emotional learning skills.

Student Texts

This multi-genre, multi-media library of short texts aligns with the Common Core's recommendations for text complexity and the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards. Choose from informational and literary nonfiction texts, literature, photographs, political cartoons, interviews, infographics and more.

Student Tasks

Assess student learning with performance tasks and rubrics that measure writing, civic engagement and critical literacy skills.

Teaching Strategies

Build literacy and social emotional skills while exploring meaningful texts. Select and combine vocabulary, reading, and speaking and listening activities that support your instructional goals.

Learning Plan Builder

Personalize your instruction with a customized learning plan based on the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards.

Film Kits

Bring social justice topics to life with our classroom-friendly films and user guides. Learning for Justice film kits are FREE to employees of K–12 schools, schools of education, houses of worship and youth-serving nonprofit organizations.

Mix It Up!

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is an international campaign that encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries. Schools can host a Mix It Up event on any day of the year!


The One World posters featured in our magazine are a reader favorite, which is why we’re making them available for download!