Teach This: Current Events

Our “Teach This” discussion guides are easily adapted for in-person, asynchronous, or virtual learning. We’ll be adding new resources up until the election, so be sure to check back often or sign up for Future Voters Project updates, delivered weekly to your inbox.

Teach This: The Voting Rights Act

Pair an excerpt from One Person, No Vote: How Not All Voters Are Treated Equally with a clip from a documentary about Congressman John Lewis to lead a conversation with students about the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Teach This: Is Voting a Privilege or a Right? Returning Citizens and Voting

Reading and discussing an article from The Marshall Project, students learn about voting rights for incarcerated people and discuss questions of voting rights more broadly.

Teach This: Voter Registration in a Time of Pandemic and Protests

Use the video, articles, census data and original research in this discussion guide to talk with students about youth voter registration and turnout in this unprecedented election season. 

Teach This: Texas Students Fight for Their Right to Vote

Use the video from this discussion guide to start a conversation with students about what voter suppression looks like today—and how first-time voters are fighting to ensure they’re able to cast their ballots this election year.

Teach This: America’s Presidential Primaries, Explained

Use this video to introduce your students to the history of presidential primaries and to spark a discussion about the role of primaries today.


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