Get Started!

Are you preparing to register future voters in your school community? These recommendations from experts in the field can help you lead safe, inclusive voter registration drives.

Best Practices for High School Voter Registration Drives

Getting ready to lead a voter registration drive at your school? Here are five tips for getting started.

Take 10 Minutes to Register Future Voters Today

Walking students through the voter registration process only takes 10 minutes, but it’s one of the most effective ways high school educators can amplify student voice this year.

Supporting Student Voter Registration Remotely

The continuation of distance learning and ongoing social distancing regulations in most states and localities have added obstacles to student voter registration drives. But they’re not impossible.

Build Your Registration Team

The first step to a successful voter registration drive is assembling the right team. Here’s how you can find the folks you need and get them excited!

Including All Students

These recommendations will help ensure that no student feels excluded or singled out during your school’s voter registration drive.

Five Ways to Support Undocumented Students During Election Season

Voter registration drives can be fraught for undocumented students. Here’s how you can ensure that all your students are involved—and supported—this election season.


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