Brown v. Board: Where are We Now?

American schools are resegregating. What's happening in your community?

"Where Are We Now?" is an essay from Harvard's Civil Rights Project that reminds us that American schools are resegregating. What's happening in your community?

1. Research your school district's history. When, why and how did it first begin its desegregation process? Are local schools integrated? Are they resegregating? What factors are impacting the level of integration? Discuss findings at a community forum or school board meeting.

2. Integrated schools are better for all students. Brainstorm a list of integration's benefits. Use the list to create a pledge in support of continued efforts to integrate schools on the local and national levels. Gather signatures from students, parents, school workers and members of the community. Put the pledge online to garner interest from outside your community.

3. Arrange a classroom exchange with a school that has different demographics than your school. How are students' educational experiences the same? How are they different? Help students identify a project that they can complete together — perhaps a documentary film project to visually capture disparities in their educational opportunities.

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