Mix It Up at Lunch Day Planning Checklist

Create a planning group

       Identify members of the planning group.

       Review "lessons learned" from previous years. 

       Create an email distribution list for easy communication.

       Meet every other week in August and September, then weekly in October.

       List key people to keep informed about the event.

       Identify influential people to bring on board.


Determine a lunchtime activity

       Decide on a theme (or if you want to have a theme at all)

       Plan how to mix up the students.

       Brainstorm and complete conversation starters.

       Select and confirm facilitators.


Make it festive



       Ending activity?


Publicize the event

       Create posters and fliers.

        Create a list of publicity outlets, and determine which ones you can use.

       Prepare a press release using our template.

       Consider a skit or video presentation in advance of the event.


Capture the day with pictures and video

       Identify a photographer and videographer for the event.

       Contact local media to request coverage.


Evaluate, debrief and follow up

       Determine a method of evaluation.

       Set a date for the debrief meeting.

       Create a list of “lessons learned” for future planning.

       Identify at least two follow-up events for the year.

       Use this checklist to start planning those events!


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