Professional Development
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Looking for inspiration and support? Learning for Justice provides a range of materials for educators: learning modules that make you think, presentations you can share and hands-on workshops with our expert trainers. These resources help teachers improve their practice and help K–12 leaders shape their schools into strong, equitable communities.

“A great resource and site for educational leaders and classroom teachers in ensuring a safe, caring and welcoming climate and culture built on respect for diversity, empathy and equity.” 


Learn from the experts! Our virtual and in person workshops address critical social justice and anti-bias education topics. Check the registration page and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming workshops and new offerings.

Virtual Learnings Cohorts

Engage in a cohort of educators around the Teaching Hard History: American Slavery or Critical Practices for Social Justice framework. These unique opportunities provide environments for shared learning and reflection, with an emphasis on implementation.

Facilitator Guides

Use our guides to conduct your own professional development sessions. Based on our most popular resources, these guides provide protocols, worksheets, presenter slides—everything you need to lead an engaging training for your fellow educators.

Self-guided Learning

Dig deeper into topics that matter to you and your students. These engaging articles and in-depth modules will help you learn more about school climate, instruction, classroom culture, family and community engagement, and teacher leadership, all at your own pace.


Learning for Justice webinars offer helpful guidance and great ideas from our experienced teaching and learning specialists and from innovative educators in the Learning for Justice community. Watch these on-demand webinars at your own pace and share them with colleagues!


Deepen your knowledge and improve your practice with Learning for Justice podcasts. Each episode explores an aspect of a Learning for Justice topic or framework and is produced with educators in mind. Use your commute, workout or meal-prep time to catch up on the latest thinking and scholarship that matter to you and your students.