Family & Community Engagement

“An often-untapped resource are the parents and families of the kids we teach. This investment at the beginning of the year pays off all school year. Parents and families will see you as their partner and advocate for their child and will be there for you when you need them.”                                                 

Sonia Galaviz, 2011 Award for Excellence in Teaching Awardee

Critical Practices for Anti-bias Education

This professional development seminar shows how teachers can take action and create the conditions that bring the key components of culturally responsive pedagogy to life.
Professional Development Topic
Classroom Culture
Family & Community Engagement
School Climate
Teacher Leadership
May 5, 2014

Family Engagement

Most teachers have a technique or two in their back-to-school tool kits for introducing themselves to families and taking those first steps to engage parents and other caregivers in the classroom and the student learning process. And yet, family engagement is a year-long process.
Professional Development Topic
Family & Community Engagement
July 6, 2009
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