Justice in the Science Classroom

Justice in the Science Classroom Artwork

Join Learning for Justice and cohosts from the Smithsonian Science Education Center for a webinar on integrating social justice into your practice as a science educator! We will introduce connections between social justice and STEM education with a focus on our environment. You’ll learn how to use a transdisciplinary lens to approach complex problems with respect for student and community knowledge. Finally, you’ll gain tools for supporting students and spurring them to turn their learning into sustainable action. 

Close the Loop: Justice in the Science Classroom

Join Learning for Justice for a new type of follow up webinar! Along with cohosts from the Smithsonian Science Education Center, we dive into questions and feedback from those who attended the Justice in the Science Classroom webinar, allowing us to dig deeper on issues that mattered most to you. All participants will learn about new resources and gain answers to additional questions as we all work together to integrate social justice into STEM curriculum. Watch here!

Note: This webinar is a follow up to our webinar Justice in the Science Classroom. If you have not attended that webinar, we recommend viewing it prior to this one.

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