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On this page, you'll find information, guidelines and state-specific resources from Rock the Vote for supporting school-based voter registration. Are you running a registration drive with your students? Let us know here!


Resources for Educators

Supporting Student-Led Voter Registration Drives

As the 2018 midterm elections grow near, more and more young people are getting involved in voter registration and turnout efforts. Here are a few recommendations for how educators can support student-led voter registration drives.


Five Ways to Support Undocumented Students During Election Season

Election season can be fraught for undocumented students. We partnered with United We Dream to offer these suggestions for practical steps you can take to ensure your undocumented students feel valued and included during voter education and registration events.



This hour-long webinar, first run in 2016 and available on demand, features special guests from the League of Women Voters. In it, you’ll learn ways to energize students regarding power politics and the role voting plays in representative democracy.



In our new webinar, airing September 11, 2018, you’ll learn more about how you can use resources from Rock the Vote, including their registration materials and Democracy Class lessons, to educate your students about voting rights in the United States. A guest from Rock the Vote will offer recommendations for leading or supporting registration drives at your school.


Resources for Registering Voters

How to Run a Voter Registration Event

Rock the Vote's comprehensive how-to guide, accessible for both students and educators, that walks readers through the steps they’ll need to take to run a voter registration event.


Rock the Vote Registration Toolkit

Enter your address to download a toolkit that will provide state-specific resources for leading a voter registration drive. The toolkit contains everything you or your students will need to lead a registration drive, including a How-To Guide, a State-Specific Registration Guide, a copy of the National Mail-In Voter Registration Form and a VoteRiders card explaining your state’s voter ID requirements.


Rock the Vote Resources to Share

Find Your Polling Place

Enter your address to find out where to vote in the November election.


Check Your Registration Status

Ensure you’re registered to vote at your current address.


Sign up for election reminders

Make sure you never miss a chance to use your vote.


Share Your Successes!

Across the country, educators are supporting student-led voter education and registration efforts. If you'd like us to add your school to our map, let us know!


Register Online

If you're not yet registered, many states allow online registration. You can register online here!


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