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Exploring the Diversity of the Francophone World

What part do culture and history play in the formation of our individual and collective identities?

How do our intersecting identities shape our perspectives and the way we experience the world?

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Social and Environmental Justice: Who are we?

How do I know I’m part of a group?
How do people show that they are proud of themselves?
Do all people have the same rights?
What rights do I have?
How can I learn more about other people?
What does it mean to be unfair? In class? In school? At home? In my community? In the world?
How do...

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How do our similarities and differences impact the relationships we have with people inside and outside our own identity groups?
What do we gain when we learn about the lived experiences of other people?
How do we connect in meaningful ways with people who are different from us?
What is the relationship between diversity and inequality?

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Social Studies
Social Justice Domains