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Understanding and Countering Antisemitism and Islamophobia

The rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia in the United States requires us all to help ensure children’s right to an education free from bigotry in an inclusive and supportive environment. Our newest article provides essential overviews of Islamophobia and antisemitism and context for how these forms of hate and bias can manifest in schools. The accompanying toolkit shares practical guidance, strategies and resources for countering bigotry and fostering safer and more inclusive culture in schools and communities.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Young People and Families

All young people—including LGBTQ+ youth and children of LGBTQ+ families—have the right to safe, affirming and inclusive schools; on this point, responsible adults agree. But currently, discriminatory laws and censorship policies across the country are targeting LGBTQ+ young people and families, erasing their histories and experiences. In our newest resource page, we’ve compiled numerous materials to help you support LGBTQ+ youth and families, as well as to understand, teach and celebrate LGBTQ+ history, stories and perspectives.

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Universal Design for Learning: Inclusive Education

Learning spaces are often designed as if all of us were alike, but our communities are rich in diversity, including a range of abilities and needs. By focusing on making spaces, content and learning activities accessible to those with disabilities, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can benefit all learners while creating more equitable and inclusive educational experiences.


Romina Pacheco

Romina Pacheco (she/ella) is the director of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at the Windward School. She is an educator who facilitates learning on issues of equity and social justice with professionals, students and community members of all ages. Romina has decades of experience in educational leadership, including serving as an internal and external DEIB expert in K-12, higher ed and nonprofit settings. Romina has a Ph.D. from New Mexico State University in curriculum and instruction and gender and sexuality studies and an M.Ed. in social justice education from the University of

Davey Shlasko

Davey Shlasko is the founder and director of Think Again Training & Consulting, a consulting group that supports purpose-driven organizations to address inequities through collaborative strategies for meaningful change. Davey’s work has supported schools, universities, health care and human service providers, advocacy organizations, and businesses to integrate principles and practices of social justice into their planning and everyday action. Davey has an M.Ed. in social justice education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and teaches as an adjunct associate professor in social
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