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Teaching About the Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Montgomery Bus Boycott began on December 5, 1955, and lasted over a year. It’s difficult to overstate the influence of the boycott’s strategy, successes and leadership on how the Civil Rights Movement of the coming decades took shape. In our newest article, we examine the history of the Montgomery Bus Boycott through the lens of Learning for Justice’s newest framework, Teaching the Civil Rights Movement, and we recommend resources that help provide a fuller account of this pivotal event.

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What Is the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and How Do We Disrupt It?

Understanding how school discipline policies can contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline is essential for educators and families. Harsh punishments, automatic out-of-class time and police involvement for discipline can push young people out of classrooms and into the criminal legal system. But educators, parents and caregivers can help to change this harmful system by advocating for and implementing practices that prioritize mental health and well-being. 

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Announcing Our Newest Curriculum: ‘Teaching the Civil Rights Movement’

If young people are to make the vision of a just and peaceful world a reality, we must give them the tools to build a strong multiracial democracy—and those tools include an accurate, comprehensive and inclusive history of the United States. We are thrilled to introduce Teaching the Civil Rights Movement, our newest curriculum, which begins in 1877 with Reconstruction and continues the narrative of the movement for equality and civil rights to the present. At this critical moment in which states and districts are attempting to censor discussions of race and racism in U.S.

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Why Civics Education Needs Social Justice

From an early age, each of us must navigate numerous social institutions, many of which were designed to perpetuate centuries-old inequities. For us to move in those spaces with power and agency, civic knowledge, skills and dispositions are essential. But alarming trends reveal a sharp decline in civics competency among adults in the United States, and participation in places that bring people together to solve common problems has withered, too. Civics education needs a critical social justice lens so people can fulfill the potential of a multiracial and inclusive democracy.


Celebrate Native American Heritage

Native American Heritage Month provides an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Native cultures and communities. To honor Native peoples, we uplift their honest histories, significant contributions and contemporary
November 1, 2023
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Developing Essential Media Literacy Skills

In an increasingly polarized climate where disinformation is rampant, people need the skills to engage responsibly with digital media. But how can we help young people to withstand this torrent of manipulative disinformation? Start with supporting their mental health and well-being. To teach media literacy, we must also do due diligence to understand the emerging media landscape and recognize the mental health challenges it presents. These Learning for Justice resources provide concrete guidance for supporting and engaging young people as they navigate the current media environment.

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How Does Inclusive Education Benefit Society?

The tools for inquiry and dialogue are crucial if we are to build a just and thriving society. As professor of education Gregory M. Anderson points out: “Democracy cannot be sustained, let alone flourish, in the 21st century without open and robust spaces for rational discussion and analysis about our different experiences and viewpoints. This is an essential reason why inclusive education is crucial to our basic self-interests and our collective success.


Teaching Mindful Media Consumption

Join Learning for Justice for a webinar on critical media consumption! Joined by experts in the field doing the work from IREX and Columbia (Missouri) Public Schools, you will be introduced to media literacy concepts.
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