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The Power of Place and the Urgency of Now

“The battleground for racial justice remains in the South, and the victories for justice must be fought for and by ordinary people in the South together with allies from other parts of the nation. Although the pestilence of racism has historically affected the lives of Black and Brown people, its reach extends to all who counter the ideals of white supremacy. A shared story of us is clear as we collectively reconstruct a democracy that is real for all, not just some.

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Nobody's Free Until Everybody's Free

“There’re things will make you angry, will make you very mad, but those are the truths of our history. But there's nothing for not loving America because most of us would not want to live in any place else. And I lived in a lot of places in this world, and ain't no place like home, as they say. No place like home.”
—Charles Person, 1961 Freedom Rider

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Celebrate Pride With Action

As we celebrate Pride Month, supporting LGBTQ+ young people and families is essential. Inclusivity in education plays a critical role for all children, especially in the hostile environment created by discriminatory laws and censorship policies that threaten to erase LGBTQ+ identities and roll back the gains of recent years. Our resource page shares our articles and content on supporting LGBTQ+ people, including information on inclusive education practices and allyship, and provides links to external resources.

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Supporting Immigrant Students and Families

Immigration has been at the front of the national conversation for years. Many immigrant children experience challenges adjusting to a new country and culture and being fully included in schools. In families without immigration documentation, the fear of family separation, arrest by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and deportation continues to cause anxiety among children and their families.

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Uplift Asian American and Pacific Islander Stories

May is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. In celebration, we’ve updated our AAPI resource page. Learn about the experiences of AAPI communities and explore their impact on the United States. We hope you’ll uplift the diverse histories, cultures, identities and stories of AAPI communities—not only in May but all year round.

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Understanding 'Brown' in the Context of Inclusive Education

May 17, 2024, marks the 70th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, one of the most significant Supreme Court decisions and a major victory for the Civil Rights Movement. We must, however, resist the simplified narrative of the end of segregation and teach a more comprehensive story that includes analyzing Brown’s complex impact, the opposition to desegregation, and the ongoing movement for inclusive education.

May 3, 2024

You Are Welcome Here

All of us can benefit from feeling included, safe, seen and valued. These are simple but powerful concepts, and they are foundational for learning, mental health and well-being. Showing support and solidarity, even in
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Centering Black Girls in School Safety

School hardening policies—such as the presence of police and security, metal detectors, and harsh discipline codes—contribute to a criminalization culture in schools and students being pushed out of classrooms and into the school-to-prison pipeline. For Black girls, this criminalization culture causes serious additional harms.