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Learning Honest History and Celebrating Diversity

We can teach young people the honest history of the United States in age-appropriate ways and help them understand commonalities across cultures to develop a strong sense of self and identity as they honor diversity. To support these conversations and learning experiences, we offer parents, caregivers and educators teaching strategies, talking points and activities.


Teaching Mindful Media Creation

Join Learning for Justice, along with experts from Northern California public media station KQED, for a webinar on thoughtful, impactful and critical media creation! In this webinar you’ll learn about the role of media creation as a part of helping students grow as learners and engage in their communities.
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Celebrate Black History Month and Teach Black History All Year

In celebration of Black History Month, we offer a new resource page. From articles and publications to videos, lessons and stories, we’ve collected some of our best resources to help you learn about and elevate Black history in all of its complexity. Whether you’re building your own knowledge, looking for ways to expand your teaching of Black history, or celebrating stories with your family, we hope you’ll use these resources. Young people deserve to learn this history in ways that are accurate, comprehensive and age appropriate.


Discuss Black History All Year Long

Black history is central to our nation’s story. On the one hand, we must understand the foundational role of racism and white supremacy in our nation’s origin, and, on the other, we must celebrate the continuous threads
February 1, 2024
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Advocating for Honest History Education

Parent and caregiver advocacy is crucial as children’s right to inclusive learning and honest history education is being limited in some states and communities. While the media often highlights the vocal efforts of a few politically motivated parents’ groups to censor teaching and to exclude some children and families from representation, we know that most parents and caregivers support fair and inclusive education practices that protect the learning and well-being of all children.

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Our Humanity Is Bound Together: Discussing the Holocaust

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated on January 27, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1945. We honor the memory of the 6 million Jews and the millions of Roma, Sinti, Slavs, disabled persons, LGBTQ+ individuals, political dissidents and others who were murdered in the Holocaust. And we encourage learning from the survivors as we reflect on the significance of this history.

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Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Teaching Honest History 

Martin Luther King Jr. is the most iconic figure of the Civil Rights Movement, but the narrative around his life and work is often oversimplified in classrooms and public discourse. We invite you to expand the narrative and teach a more complex and comprehensive view of Dr. King and a more honest history of the United States. Check out these Learning for Justice resources to better understand King’s strategies and goals, the context of the movement for equality and civil rights, and the work that remains to be done.

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