Supporting Students Through Coronavirus
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We’re grateful to the educators continuing to support students and families through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We’ve developed these resources to support student well-being and learning during school closures, and we will keep this page updated as we publish new pieces. 

Pandemic Pedagogy: A Call to Educators to Bring Their Classrooms to Reality

One educator explains the value of addressing the pandemic head-on in class.

Educators’ and Students’ Rights During COVID-19

A children’s rights attorney and a policy analyst from the Southern Poverty Law Center explain educators’ rights to workplace safety, students’ rights to education access and what it might take to advocate for both.

Teaching as Activism, Teaching as Care

“I have begun to feel helpless during this time,” writes author Jamilah Pitts. “But I never felt helpless as a teacher.”

Rethinking Family Engagement During School Closures

Taking time to check assumptions about family engagement can make a huge difference in the lives of your students and their caregivers.

Assuring Muslim Students COVID-19 Won’t Dim the Ramadan Lights

Social distancing means this year’s Ramadan will look different for Muslim students. Here’s what educators can do to help.

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities During School Closures

Experts from the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence offer recommendations for supporting students with learning disabilities through the coronavirus pandemic.

District Responses to Coronavirus: Examples to Follow

Advocate for students and families during this crisis by using this resource to evaluate your district’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and offer recommendations for changes.

Supporting LGBTQ Students During Social Distancing

Experts at The Trevor Project offered their recommendations for ways educators can support LGBTQ students through coronavirus school closures.

Online Teaching Can Be Culturally Responsive

Amid school closures, online classes can offer new opportunities for culturally responsive teaching. Here’s what one educator is trying with her fifth grade students.

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Teaching Through Coronavirus

Experts from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network share their recommendations for educators supporting students during the COVID-19 crisis.

How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism

As COVID-19 infections increase, so too does racism and xenophobia. Use our “Speak Up” strategies to let people know you’re not OK with racist or xenophobic comments about coronavirus or anything else.

Teaching Through Coronavirus: What Educators Need Right Now

We asked educators what they need, and we listened. We hope this message—and these resources—offer some help.

A Healthy Reminder to Educators During School Closures

An instructional coach experiencing long-term school closures in Washington state shares some encouraging words for fellow educators who are grappling with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and their own emotions.

Speaking Up Against Racism Around the New Coronavirus

The spread of the new coronavirus has become racialized, so it’s critical that educators understand the historical context and confront racist tropes and xenophobia from students and colleagues.