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Restorative and Transformative Justice Begins With Community

Relationship and community are essential in effecting positive change and transforming punitive spaces into nurturing environments. These new articles from the Spring 2023 issue of Learning for Justice magazine highlight the significance of intentionality for building relationship and community—both inside and outside of the classroom—in ways that heal, uplift and create inclusive spaces where all can flourish.

Uplift Honest History and the Power of Place

The latest issue of Learning for Justice magazine focuses on the South in the fight for democracy and justice. That entails acknowledging those at the center of an unjust system, whose very survival served as a form of resistance. In these new stories, Amber N. Mitchell details the ways in which the Whitney Plantation experiential learning tour sheds light on the lives of the people whose enslavement generated great wealth for their captors, and Lolita Bolden celebrates her Southern roots in both prose and poetry.

The Power of Place

In the latest issue of Learning for Justice magazine, LFJ Director Jalaya Liles Dunn points out that “The battleground for racial justice remains in the South, and the victories for justice must be fought for and by ordinary people in the South together with allies from other parts of the nation.” The first feature story, “The Power of Place: Art as a Tool for Social Justice,” highlights how artists in Alabama are depicting honest history and reshaping public narratives of justice in their communities. These articles and the One World poster—including a quotation from Ida B.

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

To honor educators this Teacher Appreciation Week, we offer a preview article—by the dedicated teachers and staff at Wilkins Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi—from the upcoming Spring issue of Learning for Justice magazine. Educators often work under challenging circumstances yet maintain their commitment to ensure the education of our nation’s young people. These LFJ resources celebrate and uplift the efforts educators engage in to make our world a better place. 


“Because we know that attacks on knowledge are fueling threats to freedom, and that repression in one place fuels its spread elsewhere, we call for global resistance to all efforts to destroy the vital tools that help us to imagine and create more equitable and inclusive futures for us all.”  —African American Policy Forum