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Building Community Supports to Counter Manipulative Extremist Narratives

Disinformation and extremism in the current politically polarized landscape threaten the well-being of young people and communities across our country. Helping young people build resilience against manipulative extremist narratives and conspiracy theories requires all adults in a young person’s trusted network to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to intervene. A key strategy for building this resilience is offering communities tools to both identify insidious extremist narratives and strengthen their own care networks. These LFJ articles provide resource connections.

Dear Young Person, You Have an Important Role in Our Democracy

Engaging in action to make positive change in our communities is the next step beyond learning about voting rights and civic responsibilities. When young people recognize the possibilities of power and engagement, they can become change agents in their communities. These LFJ resources for young people provide tips for becoming involved and encouraging friends and family to vote. 

Teach Truth: Resist Efforts to Censor and Whitewash History

The accurate history of American slavery should be taught to children in age-appropriate and honest ways that develop critical thinking, while recognizing that Black history is U.S. history and goes beyond slavery. These LFJ publications—including Teaching Hard History: American Slavery, a K-12 curriculum framework—reinforce the importance of teaching this history honestly and provide resources for educators and parents.

Honor Black, Indigenous and People of Color Mental Health Month

It’s essential to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and to affirm practices for wellness—especially during Black, Indigenous and People of Color Mental Health Month. These LFJ resources remind us of the ongoing impact of racism and bias and provide recommendations to support adults in helping young people during these polarizing times. 

Parents and Caregivers Play an Important Role in Education

Parents and caregivers are children’s first teachers and play a powerful role in determining what children learn and in shaping children’s perspectives and our shared future. Learning for Justice aims to provide resources and information on current issues in education for parents, caregivers, educators and all community members who are concerned about current censorship and hostile school environments, and who want to create supportive and inclusive learning spaces where all children can thrive.

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