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Build a deeper understanding of wealth, poverty and systems of economic class. Empower students to understand income and resource disparity. Empower yourself to recognize the unique assets of low-income students and to challenge school practices and policies that favor wealthier students.

“It’s all too easy, for even the most well-meaning of us, to help perpetuate classism by implementing activities and strategies ... that, however subtly, suggest we must fix poor people instead of eliminating the inequities that oppress them.”

Paul C. Gorski

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Questioning Payne

Ruby Payne has built a successful business teaching educators how to reach students in poverty, but her methods conflict with the principles of culturally responsive pedagogy. Furthermore, there's little evidence that they work.

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School Is No Place for Class(ism)

Our words reveal class bias without us realizing it. Take a moment to check your vocabulary for language that harms low-income students and reinforces economic stereotypes.

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No Time Off

Many students carry life responsibilities far heavier than homework. Learn how you can support young people who take a second or third shift once the school bell rings.

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