Gender and Sexual Identity
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Teach the facts about sex assigned at birth, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and learn how to advocate for LGBTQ youth. Whether you're just becoming familiar with gender diversity or ready to start a gay-straight alliance at your school, our resources can help you and your colleagues shape inclusive policies and empower vulnerable students.

“Binary notions of gender, biology and sexual orientation exclude large swaths of human diversity. This diversity can be better understood by using spectrum-based models. Spectra make room for anyone whose experiences do not narrowly fit into binary choices such as man/woman, feminine/masculine or straight/gay.”

Joel Baum & Kim Westheimer

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Featured Gender & Sexual Identity Resources

Being There for Nonbinary Youth

Sometimes the “T” in the LGBTQ gets overlooked. Learn how you can support young people who don't conform to binary gender norms and how to make your school a welcoming place for students of all gender identities.

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LGBTQ and Muslim Are Not Dichotomous Identities

Stereotypes and assumptions about Islam have pit LGBTQ people against Muslims at large, while ignoring the reality that many people occupy both identity groups.

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Let's Talk! Discussing Gender in the Classroom

Experts from Gender Spectrum offer tools and practices for effectively discussing gender expression and identity with students of all ages.

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