Dr. Amanda Morris is an Associate Professor of writing and rhetoric at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Her scholarship and much of her public writing and speaking engagements focus on contemporary Indigenous rhetorics. Her academic writing can be found in Rhetoric Review, Epiphany, WSQ, Journal of American Culture, Enthymema, South Atlantic Review, and the books Stand Up Comedy and Rhetoric (Routledge, 2016) and Decolonizing Native American Rhetoric: Communicating Self-Determination (Peter Lang, 2018).

Articles by Amanda

What Is Settler-Colonialism?

A viral video of high school students and a Native elder in D.C.—and the responses that followed—shows why we need to introduce students to the concept of settler-colonialism.

Teach About Native American Women Leaders

Build students’ media literacy by helping them contextualize stories about women candidates—and particularly Native women candidates—during election season and beyond.

Decolonizing the Classroom: Teaching With Indigenous Comics

Bring Native cultures, stories and perspectives out of the margins of your curriculum with comics by and about Native peoples.

Q&A: Native Knowledge 360°

The same limited stories about American Indians persist in textbooks. The National Museum of the American Indian’s new program is looking to change that.

Showing Up to Advocate for Education

This educator sees great value in meeting with legislators to advocate for education. Here are her suggestions for making it happen.
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