Amy Melik is an educator and facilitator with experience at the elementary, middle, high school and adult levels of education. She currently serves as ELL Teacher and coordinator for a school district near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is an equity specialist for BlackBlack and Associates, LLC. Amy serves on the Learning for Justice Ambassadors Collective as well.  Her passion is working with culturally relevant practices as they relate to educators, parents and students, especially equitable opportunities for multicultural and bilingual families. Amy's current professional development projects are connected to anti-bias and anti-racist education, family engagement, and critical conversations with students, colleagues and families on topics that include responding to sexual assault. 

Articles by Amy

Center Survivors: A Resource for Families and Educators in Responding to Sexual Violence

When a young person experiences sexual assault, a survivor-centered approach—from parents, caregivers, educators and everyone involved in the survivor’s life—is essential.
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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