Anoa J. Changa (she/her) is a southern-based movement journalist and retired attorney.

She previously served as a grassroots digital organizer and strategic advisor to several organizations.

As a journalist, Anoa is deeply influenced by grassroots-led electoral organizing efforts. She approaches coverage through a lens that centers on impacted communities and moving beyond the status quo. Anoa follows in the footsteps of Black journalists like Ida B. Wells-Barnett, who leveraged the power of the media to uphold justice, defy white supremacy and expand access to democracy.

Anoa is also the host of the podcast The Way With Anoa, tackling politics and current events through a Black progressive feminist perspective. A speaker, trainer and presenter in progressive spaces, Anoa has bylines in NewsOne, Truthout, Harper’s Bazaar, DAME Magazine, Rewire News Group and Essence.

Anoa received a B.A. in sociology and a master’s in city and regional planning from The Ohio State University. She was awarded a J.D. from West Virginia University College of Law, where she was a W.E.B Dubois fellowship recipient. 

Articles by Anoa

From Slavery to School Discipline

Envisioning schools that affirm and protect Black students means reckoning with a long history of racist punishment.
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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