Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren Samsa teaches high school English in the south suburbs of Chicago. She also does some freelance writing.

Articles by Ashley Lauren

Discussing Sexual Harassment in the Classroom

Whether or not the topic of sexual harassment comes up in class organically, teachers must address it with students. This teacher suggests ways to do that with sensitivity.

For My Students, the Women’s March Is Just the Beginning

When this teacher saw how devastated her feminist student group was by the 2016 election, she decided to do something to make them proud. She decided to march.

The Benefits of Blended Learning

Blended learning can transform a classroom and give a diverse range of students the support they need to thrive in school.

Day of the Girl 2015

Here’s how one teacher is engaging her students on Day of the Girl, observed annually on October 11. Try these ideas in your classroom, too.

Girls in STEM Fields

Teachers play a key role in helping girls realize that entering STEM careers is not only possible but necessary.