Donohue is a middle school English and social studies teacher in Monroe, Washington. He also teaches college courses in English, public speaking and education.

Articles by Chad

Give the Kid a Pencil

We all make mistakes. How teachers respond has everything to do with whether or not their students feel valued as human beings.

Expert Opinions—Students Speak About Bullying

When we talk about devoting so many minutes to each subject in a school day, we need to make time for students to communicate about what really matters to them.

Table Talks—Literacy via Student-led Discussions

This middle school teacher has an idea that can greatly impact student learning—with students leading the way.

Avoid Disaster: Assign Seating in Middle School

Have you noticed students being excluded in your classroom? A new seating arrangement can make all the difference.

Goodnight, Nadine: A Tribute to Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer’s activism helped make the world better for all of us and leaves important lessons for teachers and students.
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