Colleen is the associate professor of non-Western literatures and the director of Women's and Gender Studies at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Her academic work has been published in Feminist Formations and Journal of Postcolonial Writing. Clemens co-hosts the podcast Inside254, which focuses in depth on one current topic about labor, indigeneity, gender or world issues every other week. She can be reached via her blog.

Articles by Colleen

Gillette’s New Ad Asks: “Is Toxic Masculinity the Best a Man Can Get?”

A new ad has everyone talking about gender norms. Here’s how you can bring that conversation to your students.

Appreciation and Appropriation Outside the Classroom

By distinguishing between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation, teachers can help students better understand cultural enrichment spaces.

Toxic Masculinity Is Bad for Everyone: Why Teachers Must Disrupt Gender Norms Every Day

While we as a society work together for solutions to end mass violence, we educators need to rethink how we teach masculinity through our deeds and actions.

Say No to “Boys Will Be Boys”

How can we disrupt toxic masculinity in our boys as they come of age? Let’s start by eliminating some phrases from our homes and classrooms.

What We Mean When We Say, “Toxic Masculinity”

As a consumer of news and a classroom teacher, how can I help my students make sense of the current news cycle? The term “toxic masculinity” can be useful vocabulary for these conversations.