Dr. Gregg Suzanne

Dr. Gregg Ferguson is the daughter of West Virginia Human Rights Commission Judge, the late Gail M. Ferguson, and community activist and educator, Warne L. Ferguson. She is a mother, fiancé, sister and friend to people who serve their communities with an unwavering dedication to issues of equity and social justice. Ferguson is currently an adjunct for the psychology department of West Virginia State University and is a member of Marshall University’s Activists’ Archives. As a certified counselor and teacher, as well as an educational and environmental activist, she also consults for various nonprofit social service organizations. As founder and executive director of Mothers of Diversity America, she has steered the organization to provide resources for struggling families and students and to combat discrimination in education, criminal and environmental justice on a local and national level through advocacy and public awareness campaigns.

With over 20 years of experience working with diverse populations in educational and government settings, Ferguson has served organizations in a capacity to understand the consequences of unequal protections and access for marginalized employees and students. She has worked in the public sector as a K–12 educator and counselor; a higher education administrator in diversity, equity and inclusion; university faculty member; a civil rights investigator; a higher education program director and a successful grant writer. She is a policy analyst and writer who—through inclusive collaboration and familiarity with law and politics—developed, evaluated and revised civil rights policies and guidelines at a major university which ensures optimal scope and breadth of service for many people. Dr. Ferguson’s B.A. in the history of art and architecture is from Harvard University, and her M.A. in school counseling and Ed.D. in leadership studies are from Marshall University.

Articles by Dr. Gregg Suzanne

Black Students and Educators at Confederate-Named Schools

In more than 100 U.S. schools, black educators and students see Confederate names on their walls, jerseys and diplomas. That’s a problem.
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