Dr. Neal A.

Neal A. Lester is professor of English and director of Project Humanities at Arizona State University. 

Articles by Dr. Neal A.

“No, I Am Not OK.” Thanks for Asking.

As protesters across the nation rise up against police violence and systemic racism in support of Black lives, there’s something white allies need to recognize.

No Joking Matter: Words and Disability

While we are increasingly aware of the need to address racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist and classist language, ableist language is too often disregarded.

For White Allies in Search of a Solution to American Racism / When Folks of Color Are Exhausted

Racism, white privilege and white supremacy are challenges that people of color neither created nor should be expected to resolve. This scholar encourages white allies to step up.

To Know Our American History Is to Know Ourselves

What does the rise in hate groups and hate crimes say about our American history and American democracy when all lives should matter?

The Disturbing “Monkey Business” of U.S. Black-White Race Relations

Representations of black people as animals is both a past and present manifestation of the United States’ complicated history with race.
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