Glenda Armand is a middle school librarian who taught elementary and middle school for many years. Her approach to teaching and to writing has been to recognize the uniqueness of her students and readers while celebrating our similarities, our shared humanity. This teaches tolerance. It also teaches acceptance, kindness, and sympathy.

Ms. Armand believes that those characteristics are found in the message of Martin Luther King’s famous speech. Ms. Armand’s story-poem, The Night Before the Dream, combines her fondness for writing in rhyme with her embrace of that message which is still relevant today.

She is the author of  the picture books Song in a Rainstorm: The Story of  Musical Prodigy Thomas “Blind Tom” Wiggins, Ira’s Shakespeare Dream, and Love Twelve Miles Long.

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Articles by Glenda

The Night Before the Dream

Bea’s family has traveled from far and wide to hear Dr. King—and plan how they’ll make his dream a reality.