Jeffrey is a seventh-grade English teacher at West Virginia’s DuPont Middle School. He holds certifications for English and social studies and often blends the two subjects in his classroom. In addition to teaching, he coaches track and field at DuPont; from time to time he uses poetry and history lessons to motivate his team. Webb has had pieces published in Vandalia, Red Mud Review, Pikeville Review and The Charleston Anvil

Articles by Jeffrey

Modeling Democracy

In West Virginia, many teachers are frustrated with the state legislature's attitude toward public education. By taking collective action with a statewide strike, these teachers model for students how to stand up and speak out for their rights.

Celebrating Freedom Means Celebrating Defiance

Given the controversy around kneeling during the national anthem, studying and discussing two landmark Supreme Court cases can provide students with examples of an oppressed group of people who defied authority and won.

To Teach a Complex Issue, Skip the K-W-L Chart

When teaching his seventh-graders about the Syrian refugee crisis, this teacher decided to step back and let his students immerse themselves in the topic.
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