Jeremy is a writer and public school educator. He has taught English for nearly two decades since graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont. He is passionate about using the classroom and the study of literature to help students navigate a complex world. He writes frequently about education, parenting, running and the world as a whole. More of his writing can be found on his blog, One Man’s Field.



Articles by Jeremy

Athletes, Advocates and Role Models (The Philly Special)

In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl LII win, this South Jersey teacher looks past the celebration to talk with his students about how some players use their influence to create positive change and to challenge his students to do the same.

Students Weigh in on the Golden Globes, #MeToo and #TimesUp

After watching highlights from the Golden Globes, this high school class engaged in some deep discussions about advocacy.

One of the Great Teachable Moments of Our Time

This teacher recognizes the ongoing news surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Mike Oreskes and others as an opportunity to openly discuss sexually predatory behavior.

They Must Always Look Outward

Trying to reconcile education and the world we currently inhabit has led one teacher to shift the focus of his teaching to nurturing active participants in a diverse democracy.

What Good Is a Voice If You Don’t Use It?

After years of leaving his classroom walls empty, this high school teacher was prompted by the current political climate to do a little decorating. It sparked some fruitful classroom discussions.