Jill Silos-Rooney, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of History at MassBay Community College and authors the Open Academic blog about higher education policy, student and educator concerns, and new education technology.

Articles by Jill

Missteps in Civic Engagement

This educator reflects on the importance of identifying missteps in civic engagement projects.

The Noose of Racism

What happens when we don’t teach about the history of racism? Turn on the news.

Michael Sam, Masculinity and Teaching Tolerance

The NFL prospect has the potential to redefine for millions of people what it means to be a gay man in the U.S.

We’ve Got Egg on Our Blackface

Wearing blackface as a joke or a tribute suggests lack of understanding about the origin of this racist practice.

Combating Course Content Segregation

An LGBT student’s gratitude reminded this instructor to include diverse voices in her teaching all year.
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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