Micklos Jr.

John Micklos Jr. is a Delaware-based freelance writer and the author of 16 books for children and young adults. Visit his website.

Articles by John

Be A Good Boy

In 1920, Tennessee lawmaker Harry Burn followed his mother’s advice on a controversial vote—and changed voting rights history.

You Belong Here

Creating a welcoming environment for teachers of color is key to narrowing the student-teacher diversity gap.

Be a Good Boy

Story Corner: In 1920, Tennessee lawmaker Harry Burn followed his mother's advice on a controversial vote—and "freed 17 million women from political slavery."

From Awareness to Action

Young people make great political activists. How can you get them involved in fighting for issues that matter?
Abolitionists William Still, Sojourner Truth, William Loyd Garrison, unidentified male and female slaves, and Black Union soldiers in front of American flag

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