Kaia M. Woodford is a student activist who is passionate about improving educational equity for students of color in Bexley, Ohio. She is a founding board member of the Bexley Anti-Racism Project, a collaboration of students and faculty organized to amplify underrepresented student voices and to educate the broader community on issues of racial inequity. In this capacity, Kaia serves on the Bexley City School Anti-Racism Taskforce to ensure that Bexley City Schools administrators have the benefit of lived student experience to inform anti-racist board policy. She also serves on the Bexley Policing Equity Coalition to recommend equitable policing practices to City Council. Kaia values education as a requisite pathway in the development of an informed, empathetic citizenry and works to ensure that all students—regardless of racial identity—receive equitable educational experiences.

Kaia is an Honors and Scholars Program student at The Ohio State University (OSU) pursuing degrees in political science and African American and African studies. She is a recipient of the Morrill Scholarship and serves as an advisor to the program. Kaia also serves as an executive board member of the OSU Law and Society Scholars Program.

Articles by Kaia

Kaia Speaks Up

When Kaia sees a horrible injustice, what can she do to help?
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