K.C.B. is a high school student in Alabama. With an almost insatiable aspiration to advocate regarding the educational norms and precedents set for students in Alabama and beyond, her care for the cultivation of truth in learning was fostered by a lack of educational support in an area that she strongly identifies with: her culture. And, until most recently (her sophomore year of high school), no teacher had ever spent an entire class period discussing the history of Black Americans in American history.

She is an honor student, a member of her school’s student council, a performing member of a non-profit theatre ensemble, the director of treasury for her school’s Agriscience Union, a part-time employee and an early college student. She is also involved in summer legal internships. These things, she believes, when in unison with her faith in God, can help her accomplish her goal of true advocacy and an enriching professional development journey. 

Articles by K.C.B

A Student’s Take on Sugar-coated History

This Black Alabama teen and her family had to fill the gaps in her education at home. Here’s her advice to teachers.
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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