Learning for Justice

We are a small team of educators and writers working in Montgomery, Alabama—the birthplace of the civil rights movement. We’re driven by a passion for social justice, a deep belief that education is the best chance we have to build a better world, and a firm commitment to making sure that every student has the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Articles by Learning for Justice

We Are Once Again Reeling From Grief and Outrage

As we grieve with Uvalde, Texas, let’s commit to a renewed fight for change.

To Counter Racist Violence, Teach Honest History

The recent Buffalo shooting is the latest iteration of this nation’s history of anti-Black terrorism.

Protecting Immigrant Students’ Rights

Public schools have a legal obligation to enroll and support immigrant students and English language learners. New resources from the SPLC help advocates work with families to ensure schools are meeting this responsibility.

Resources for Learning About Israel and Palestine

We want to lift up some resources around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We hope you find them useful.

Responding to Anti-Asian Violence and Georgia Shootings

After a shooting spree in Georgia took the lives of eight people—including six Asian American women—it’s important to pause, check in and prioritize care.
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