Learning for Justice

We are a small team of educators and writers working in Montgomery, Alabama—the birthplace of the civil rights movement. We’re driven by a passion for social justice, a deep belief that education is the best chance we have to build a better world, and a firm commitment to making sure that every student has the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Articles by Learning for Justice

The Obstacles Faced by Children of Color

It’s widely understood that African-American kids—and other children of color—get fewer opportunities in life than white kids. But still, it is jarring to find that perception overwhelmingly confirmed in a survey of adults whose jobs involve helping children.

A Mountain Legacy

Children of Appalachia gain pride in their heritage and history
Teaching Tolerance collage of images

Welcome to Learning for Justice—Formerly Teaching Tolerance!

Our work has evolved in the last 30 years, from reducing prejudice to tackling systemic injustice. So we’ve chosen a new name that better reflects that evolution: Learning for Justice.

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