Lydia Bates (she/her) is the program manager of Partnerships in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project. Her work focuses on preventing radicalization and the spread of extremist beliefs to help reduce harm and violence in the United States.

Articles by Lydia

Building Resilience Against Manipulative Disinformation

Supporting young people’s mental health and well-being is essential in addressing vulnerabilities to harmful disinformation.

Whole-of-Community Resilience

Helping young people build resilience against manipulative extremist narratives and conspiracy theories requires all adults in a young person’s trusted network to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to intervene.

Conversations About Gun Violence, Disinformation and Extremism

To support young people as they grapple with harms motivated by extremism, PERIL director of research, Pasha Dashtgard, Ph.D., argues that it’s incumbent upon the whole community to address hate-fueled violence.

Prevention and Resilience: Supporting Young People Through Polarizing Times

During this time of political and social turmoil, build networks of trusted adults to help young people understand, contextualize and counter manipulative and harmful information.
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