Marian Dingle is a veteran classroom elementary educator of 21 years.  Always passionate about mathematics, her early career involved advocating for marginalized students and families. More recently, she has moved toward public advocacy, activism and scholarship, fascinated by the intersection of mathematics and social justice. She has been a member of Building Leadership Teams, led grade level teams, serves on her district mathematics committee, the state mathematics advisory committee, and is on the executive committee of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Mentoring new teachers is an additional passion.

As a Heinemann Fellow, she is currently researching the ways in which positive cultural identity affects student confidence, efficacy and academic performance. She speaks nationally about culturally responsive teaching and provides professional development to schools and organizations. She has written for the NCTM journal, Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, the Global Math Department and EdWeek, and has been featured on podcasts such as Teaching Hard History and Pushing the Edge.  She is a member of the 2021 NCTM Annual Meeting Program Committee, the NCTM Classroom Resources Committee and the Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board. She continues these conversations through her blog at and Twitter (@DingleTeach).

Articles by Marian

Mathematics in Context: The Pedagogy of Liberation

Social justice education isn’t limited to humanities courses. Two math educators explain how their commitment to equity informs the way they teach.