Melinda D. Anderson is an education writer in Washington, D.C. with special interest in race, class, educational equity and educational justice. She is a founding member of EduColor, an inclusive collective of educators, parents, students, writers and activists that cultivates and promotes diverse voices in the public education conversation and policymaking process. Follow her on Twitter @mdawriter.

Articles by Melinda

When Racist Acts Obscure Racism

We rush to identify, punish and isolate the racists—like members of a University of Oklahoma fraternity—without scrutinizing racism.

The Value of Ethnic Studies—For All Students

Despite arguments to the contrary, ethnic studies benefits all students—and research backs it up.

When Educators Understand Race and Racism

What is the fundamental outcome of educators growing their racial competence? Learning.

Three Years Old, Black and Suspended

It’s time to intervene with alarmingly high preschool suspensions.
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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