Sara is an educational consultant with over 20 years of experience in K-12 education. Her work in social justice and anti-bias education includes expertise in literacy instruction, equity and diversity and inclusive practice, teacher mentoring, professional development, curriculum design and educational publishing. Wicht is the former senior manager of teaching and learning for Teaching Tolerance.

Articles by Sara

‘Selma Online’: Young People Impact the Vote

Use ‘Selma Online’ to help students build decision-making, leadership, activism and civic engagement skills at their own pace.

Beyond Taglines and Headlines

Use these questions to help students develop critical literacy and historical thinking skills.

Student Protests and the Complexities of Collective Action

When we encourage our students to consider how power and privilege affect them, we must also anticipate that they’re going to want to do something about injustices they see.

Not Just the Facts: Why Focusing on Skills Is Better for Students and Educators

Sara Wicht, TT's senior manager for teaching and learning, participated in the ASCD Forum “Learning for All = Teaching for All." Read her contribution here!

An Open Letter to Publishers

Our history is sometimes painful; focusing on the “best version” of that history to make it more palatable to young readers denies them the education they deserve.
A map of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi with overlaid images of key state symbols and of people in community

Learning for Justice in the South

When it comes to investing in racial justice in education, we believe that the South is the best place to start. If you’re an educator, parent or caregiver, or community member living and working in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, we’ll mail you a free introductory package of our resources when you join our community and subscribe to our magazine.

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