Sarah L. Webb is currently a Ph.D. student in English education with interests in digital media, race and gender. She is also the founder of, where she hosts an international poetry contest for youth and adults. Sarah has previously taught English language arts and college composition courses and has been a youth mentor for several years. In addition to teaching, she’s worked as a freelance writer and a digital media manager for local news and TV stations. The guiding mission of Sarah’s work is to help young people recognize and employ their agency through multiple literacies.

Articles by Sarah

"I've never experienced white guilt."

A black teacher reflects on helping her white students explore their racial identities.

“Yeah, But They’re White”

Students won’t succeed until they believe they can.

Imagining Alternative Futures Through Futurist Pedagogy

As educators, we must push past the call to “prepare students for the future.” This approach is insufficient and ultimately hazardous.

Recognizing and Addressing Colorism in Schools

This educator and researcher illustrates what colorism looks like in schools—and how to counter it.
Group of adults listening to one person speaking.

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